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SRTA Caucuses

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LGBTQ+ Caucus

Established in 2019, the SRTA LGBTQ+ Caucus is the first SRTA caucus.

The SRTA LGBTQ+ Caucus’ mission is to establish and maintain safe campuses for all students and all staff.  We work collaboratively to advance gender equity throughout our diverse SRCS communities. This work is done through spreading information, and educating members and the community to increase awareness. The caucus is also establishing guidelines to ensure safe spaces for all LGBTQ+ staff and students.

SRTA LGBTQ+ Caucus Logo. Pride flag overlaid with SRTA: Santa Rosa Teachers Association. Text above the flag LGBTQ+. Text below the flag Caucus.

SRTA Safe Space Sticker

SRTA Safe Space Sticker.
Left 75%: progress pride flag. Right 25%: text SAFE SPACE FOR ALL over LGBTQ+ Caucus logo

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SRTA Safe Space Sticker by Micah Carlin-Goldberg is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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SRTA’s LGBTQ+ Caucus In Action

SRTA LGBTQ+ table at Sonoma Pride. 
Six smiling people standing behind a table covered in a rainbow tablecloth. The table has pride giveaways (pencils, etc) on it.
SRTA LGBTQ+ table at Sonoma Pride — June 1, 2019


The mission of the Early Career Educator Caucus is to support students by increasing the long term retention of teachers in the first five years of their professional careers.

This will be achieved through the regular meeting and surveying of teachers that fall into that category, followed by the dissemination of their unique challenges and needs, and the advocating for solutions to union, school site, and district leadership.