SRCS Board Meeting Agenda Analysis – 5/25/2022


Santa Rosa City Schools

May 25, 2022

4:45 p.m. – Closed Session 

6:00 p.m. – Open Session

Hybrid: Zoom / Santa Rosa High School Auditorium (1235 Mendocino Ave) 

*** streamed ***

A live link will be posted on the SRCS website (link).

Please take time to review the following abbreviated version of the agenda. Click here to see the entire agenda. It has live links on many items with more information. If you want to comment to the board about any upcoming items, email Please CC on your comments.

Closed Session Items: 

A.1. Public Comment On Closed Session Agenda Items. To comment, email Adina Flores at

B.1 Public Employee Appointment/Employment (Position to be filled: Director)

B.2 Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Title of employee being reviewed: Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Coordinators)

B.3 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release

B.4 Conference with Labor Negotiator (Designated Rep: Michael Shepherd, SRTA/CSEA)


C.7. Special Presentations for Student of the Month and Certificated/Classified Employees of the Month (PTES, ABES, SRCSA)

Proctor Terrace Elementary School

  • Ben Hunter, Student of the Month
  • Lexie Prom: Classified Employee of the Month
  • Carol Forrest: Certificated Employee of the Month

Albert Biella Elementary School

  • Alijah Vang, Student of the Month
  • Annette Ochoa, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Jennifer Evans, Certificated Employee of the Month

Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts

  • Dylan Buchignani-Paris, Student of the Month
  • Bianca Hamiter, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Sally Genolio, Certificated Employee of the Month

SRTA encourages stakeholders for these sites to attend this meeting!

C.9. Public Comment on Non Agenda Items

SRTA members are invited to raise their hands and provide voice only comments during the meeting. Please observe the standard three minute time limit (and be prepared for a last minute change to a two minute limit). Only items not on the agenda are addressed at this time. 

Comments are requested at the board meeting to bring a member’s perspective to the messages contained in this analysis and share real experiences of the impact of district policies and practices. Please commit to watching at least one board meeting this year, and speaking to an agenda item that impacts you or your students. Speakers are most impactful when they are well spoken, composed and reasonable.


E.1. (Action) Public Board Meetings Via Teleconference per AB 361

E.2.  (Action) Recognizing May as the Month of Speech and Language Pathologist


SRTA extends appreciation to our SLPs and celebrates their work with our students.

E.3. (Action) Resolution Recognizing the School Administrator

With the immense role that administrators have taken in supporting schools this school year, the Board is asked to recognize all administrators for their service and support for this school year.


SRTA appreciates the impact administration can have on our school system. They work under the threat of termination, without a union to bargain a contract and ensure due process. We have advocated for adjustments to the demands made of them this year. It is impossible to continue improvements with the constant churn of administration. SRTA members are asked to extend appreciation to their administration!

E.4. (Action) MOU with CSEA 75 Regarding Mandatory Training

SRCS agrees to pay CSEA $100.96 for completing mandatory training for this year. Ongoing, three hours will be provided during the principal-directed work day at the beginning of the year for completing this training. This ongoing time is the same for certificated employees.


SRTA appreciates the resolution to this matter. 

It is hoped that the district will evaluate the impact of placing mandatory training during principal-directed day as this day is critical for the development of site cohesion and vision. These days are generally packed with necessary work! The district-directed day may be worth consideration as a more appropriate time for this work.

E.5. (Action) MOU with CSEA 75 Regarding Special Education Assistant’s Initial Salary Step Placement

SRCS starts CSEA hires at the bottom of the pay schedule. SCOE is eliminating many Sped. Assistant positions. In order to recruit, SRCS will have temporary authority to place former SCOE Sped. Assistants at any place on the salary schedule.


There is no question that SRCS has a difficult time hiring Sped Assistants, and being understaffed puts our classrooms at a distinct disadvantage. The willingness of SRCS and CSEA to temporarily bend the rules is appreciated. However, if these rules were to be adopted across the board, SRCS could attract Sped Assistants with experience from various other agencies, not just SCOE. This could help fill the current 83 assistant openings!

E.6. (Action) Resolution for Governing Board Elections November 2022

This officially calls for the election of three qualified persons to fill the open positions on the Board for trustee voting areas 2, 4, and 6. The terms of Omar Medina, Jill McCormick, and Stephanie Manieri are expiring this year.


Trustee Area Map


It is important to note that if there is only one name put forth, they assume the role without an election. 

E.7. (Action) Removal of Plaques from SRCS Campuses

Plaques stating “This building dedicated to TRUTH – LIBERTY – TOLERATION by the Native Sons of the Golden West” were placed at SRHS in 1935, Proctor Terrace in 1949, FACS/Doyle Park in 1952, and Montgomery HS in 1958. The Native Sons is an organization in decline that restricts membership to native Born Californians (or more recently those that have lived in CA for 18 or more years.) Historically they have been dedicated to historical preservation, supporting Native Americans, and opposing immigration. They provide funds to hospitals caring for children born with cleft palate.

SRTA hopes for a swift conclusion to this item allowing sufficient time for other matters on this lengthy agenda.

E.8. (Discussion) Ethnic Studies Implementation Update

The class of 2025 is the inaugural class that must have at least one Ethnic Studies course to graduate. This year there were twenty-three sections offering three courses to 383 students (average 17 students per section.) Next year the plan is for forty-six sections offering five courses, four of which are at high schools. The majority (78%) of these are English courses.

EnrollmentCourses %District %
Hispanic or Latino5553
American Indian11

Ongoing work includes:

  • Internal ES Certification Program including 3 years of PD with AEP
  • Building K-12 Integration
  • Continual Curriculum Development
  • Networking with other districts
  • Expanding ES Community Committee


Where can the resources such as the Course Writing Handbook, Teacher Reader, and Admin reader be located?

What does outreach to staff look like, to invite broader participation?

E.9. (Discussion/Action) Consideration of the Feasibility of School Improvement Bond Measures for SRCS

Info about potential placement of new General Obligation Bond Measures on the November 2022 ballot. Revising the Facility Master Plan will be considered if the board decides to proceed.

Polling, mailing and consulting for bond measures would cost: $161,965. 



A simplified cumulative report on the spending of past bond funds would be helpful for this discussion. 

SRTA members can attest to the continued need for addressing our aging facilities. Moving forward with a bond measure must include securing the support of employees which will require a more inclusive and transparent decision making process for using bond funds. 

E.10. (Discussion) Solar Photovoltaic Technology (PV) Project Presentation

District staff has identified an opportunity to install solar Photovoltaic Technology (PV) at twenty (20) schools throughout the District. There are plans for covered carport structures at ALES, ABES, HCMS, CCLA, DO, EAHS, MCHS, MHS, PHS, SRHS, and HSMS. A roof mounted array is planned for SRCSA. Alternative placement is to be utilized at BHES, HLES, HVES, JMES, Lewis, RVMS, SRMS and SLES. Sites not included are LBES, FACS and PTES. This no-cost project is funded through a District Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Depending on the PPA option selected by the district, the project is expected to generate between $175,000 – $320,000 in Year 1 savings (compared to the District’s current electricity rates), and a cumulative savings of approximately $35-$40M over the life of the installed systems (using conservative escalation estimates for the future costs of grid-provided electricity).


Letter of Intent

This item will be the first time most SRTA members have heard about this project.  

Utilizing more solar power is financially responsible. Our community has not historically supported visible structures to support this equipment. Can these structures be installed without being an eyesore?

E.11. (Discussion) Governor’s May Revision Update to the Proposed 2022-23 State Budget

While the current financial situation of California is shown to be growing significantly over the past five months, increasing the COLA from 5.33% to 6.56%. The forecast for the next three years is that conditions will decline to a COLA of only 4%. 

With the May Revise, the employee retirement system contribution rates for CalSTRS are unchanged, while CalPERS are decreasing.However, state contributions used for offsetting these expenses are decreasing.

New laws:

  • Universal Meals will continue
  • Menstrual products must be supplied in all women’s, all-gender, and at least one men’s restroom.
  • Seniors must submit a FAFSA or CADAA (Dream Act) for student aid, unless guardians opt out.
  • Continuing Independent Study with changes
  • Universal TK implementation

Still to come: State Budget Adoption and Omnibus Trailer Bill

District Budget and LCAP Public Hearings and Adoptions



The Budget Advisory Committee has not been convened since February. BAC is not part of building the budget. Their role has been limited to the Financial Stabilization process.


F.2. Approval of Personnel Transactions

Personnel Transactions

EdJoin shows a total of 143 current postings for 259 job vacancies for SRCS. There are 85 certificated openings (77 fewer than last meeting), and 5 certificated management openings. There are 166 current classified openings (6 more than last meeting), and 3 classified management positions (three more than last meeting.) 

There are additional positions that have been promised but are not yet posted. 

SRTA congratulates Kathryn Hower (SRHS)  who has noticed their retirement. SRTA bids a fond farewell to the resigning Meryl Blomseth (JMES), Kristie Coleman (CCLA), Samantha Gonzalez (SPSV) and Katie Yzaguirre (SPSV). We are losing 64 years of wisdom and experience with your departure. Thank you for your service to our students! 

There is one classified new hire. This month there is notice of two resignations and two retirements. They leave taking 40 years of institutional knowledge with them. We are grateful for their service to our students and staff.

Stacy Desideri has been promoted from Principal of Piner High School to SAFS Director.

F.5. Approval of Contracts 


1Acosta Latino Educational Partnership$161,000CRSH/ETHS, ETHS 1.0 and 2.0, ETHS Admin 1.0 and 2.0, ETHS Teacher Collaborative Support. End of year survey will demonstrate gains in understanding and utilization of ES Pedagogy, ability to evaluate ES Curriculum and knowledge of culturally responsive sustaining and humanizing education.
4Leadership  Associates  $15,000Search and recruit for Associate Superintendent / CBO position.
2NWEA / Licensing Agreement$145,516MAP assessments for 10,394 secondary students at $14 per student. 
3NWEA / Professional Development$36,60012 PD sessions for 30 participants each. Surveys will be utilized for feedback and input from users.

Total value of contracts = $358,116.

Summary of Contracts


The NWEA contract makes it appear that MAP testing has been chosen as the assessment tool to gauge secondary student progress. Is this true? If so, how was this decision made? Were interim CAASPP tests considered? Will these tests be mandated? If so, how often? How will the data from these tests be used? Are Charter School students included in this contract? 

SRCS will benefit from a pool of well qualified applicants. This has proven to be difficult to attain. Over the past several years, SRCS has built a relationship with  Leadership Associates to aid in this process. 

F.6. Approval of the New Physics Textbook


The Board will consider the approval of the California Inspire Physics textbook for the college preparatory Physics classes at all five comprehensive high schools. Cost: $67,812.50

Textbook Quote

F.7. Approval of Julie Bui Piner High School Class of 2023 to the Board of Education for 2022-2023


In accordance with Board Bylaws 9150, a student representative to the Board of Education is selected annually each spring to serve during the following school year.  For the 2022-2023 academic year, the student representative to the Santa Rosa City School Board will be from Piner High School.



Interview Questions

SRTA welcomes Julie Bui to the board.

F.8. Approval of Study Sync Curriculum Adoption for Cesar Chavez Language Academy


The Board will consider the approval of McGraw Hill’s StudySync as the English Language Arts curriculum adoption for 7th and 8th grade at Cesar Chavez Language Academy. Cost: $108,341.05


F.9. Approval of Contract with Sonoma State University to Support Teacher Residency Program


The Board will consider the approval of a contract with Sonoma State University to support the North Bay STEM Teacher Residency Program in Santa Rosa City Schools. This four year agreement costs $85,567.


F.10. Approval of Summer Meal Contracts for Child Nutrition Services


The board will consider approval of meal contracts for the CNS program to provide vended meals to organizations throughout the summer of 2022.

Santa Rosa REFB Standard Food Service Agreement Summer Meals 2022 (Redwood Empire Food Bank)

Santa Rosa City Schools REFB Addendum Summer Meals 2022 

Bellevue Union School District Summer Contract – SRCS 2022

Piner Olivet Union School District Summer Contract – SRCS 2022

F.11. Approval of CBEST Waiver Being Submitted to the CTC for Christelle C. Carrey


The Board will consider approving a California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) Variable Term Waiver being submitted to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for Christelle C. Carrey.


F.12. Approval of MOU with SCOE: School Wellness


Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) will provide Master’s Level Trainees to provide therapy. The number of trainees and sites involved are not enumerated.


F.13. Notice and Approval of the Removal/Recycle of Unusable, Outdated, and/or Damaged Instructional Materials and Textbooks


The Board will consider the approval of the removal/recycle of approximately 12,000 unusable, outdated and/or damaged instructional materials and textbooks that have been removed from sites and stored in the Warehouse in accordance with District policy and State law.

Materials List

F.14. Approval of Ethnic Studies Course Proposal


The Board will consider approval of new Ethnic Studies courses for the 2022-2023 school year.

Ethnic Studies Dance

Ethnic Studies Dance (P)

Ethnic Studies English 9-10

G Approval of Minutes 


I1. Future Board Discussion Items

SRTA Members are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming agenda items.

  • LCAP Public Hearing (6/8/22)
  • 2022/2023 Budget Public Hearing (6/8/22)
  • Universal TK Plan (6/8/22)
  • Learning Supports for 2022/2023 (6/8/22)
  • A-G Completion Improvement Grant Plan (6/8/22)
  • LCAP Approval (6/22/22)
  • 2022/2023 Budget Adoption (6/22/22)

SRTA looks to the future scheduling of the following items:

  • Approval of Math 1A/1B course proposal (5/11/22)
  • Report from DELAC (5/25/22)
  • Approval of Board Policies (from 3/9/22)
  • Review of Math grades and Sem 1 progress including demographic data
  • SCOE Unification/Redistricting Report
  • Open Enrollment Policy Update 
  • Granting a permanent easement to City of SR at MHS
  • Lease / Leaseback Montgomery High School (What is happening with the proposed building at MHS?)
  • Student Voice Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • BEST Plus Update

I.4.  English Learners Advisory Committee Update


All sites except Learning House, SR Accelerated Charter and Charter Arts meet the requirements to have an English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). In 2022-2023 sites will return to having in-person committee meetings. Focus will be placed on the continuous recruitment of parent participants. Support will be provided to sites to ensure the compliance of these committees at the eligible sites. All administrators attended training last year.

ELAC Update

SRTA appreciates the voices of parents asking for attention to the support of site ELAC. It is expected that Multilingual Services will be able to help parents and staff build strong teams at each site.

I.5.  SRCS Partnership with Sonoma County Human Services and READY Program


SRCS will continue to participate in collecting data from kindergarten classrooms to evaluate the readiness of incoming kindergarten students with the goal of better informing discussion, policies and strategies around increasing access to high quality early learning opportunities.


I.6.  Extended School Year Programs

Extended School Year 2022 Program Descriptions

Links to district website with further details:

I.7.  SCOE School Visitation Quarterly Report


There were no visits or reviews conducted this quarter for the following schools: Piner High, Elsie High, Cesar Chavez Language Academy, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Steele Lane Elementary, Hilliard Comstock Middle, James Monroe Elementary, Brook Hill Elementary, and Albert Biella Elementary schools.

Third Quarter Report

I.7.  School Site Videos

Proctor Terrace Elementary Video     PT SPSA

Albert Biella Elementary Video ABES SPSASanta Rosa Charter School for the Arts Video SRCSA SPSA

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