SRCS Board Meeting Agenda Analysis – 4/12/2023


Santa Rosa City Schools

April 12, 2023

4:30 p.m. – Closed Session 

6:00 p.m. – Open Session

Hybrid: Zoom/Santa Rosa City Hall Council Chambers (100 Santa Rosa Ave.)

*** streamed ***

A live link will be posted on the SRCS website (link).

Please take time to review the following abbreviated version of the agenda. Click here to see the entire agenda. It has live links on many items with more information. If you want to comment to the board about any upcoming items, email Please CC on your comments.

Closed Session Items: 

A.1. Public Comment On Closed Session Agenda Items. To comment, email Melanie Martin at

B.1. Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Title of employee being reviewed: Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Coordinators)

B.2. Conference With Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation (Number of potential cases: 1)

B.3. Student Expulsions (Case Nos: 22/23-27, 22/23-25, 22/23-24)


C.7. Special Presentations for Student of the Month and Certificated/Classified Employees of the Month (Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts and Santa Rosa Middle School)

Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts

  • Alice Stumbaugh, Student of the Month
  • Alesana Sunia, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Michelle Holmstedt, Certificated Employee of the Month

Santa Rosa Middle School

  • Alexa Torres, Student of the Month
  • Brooke Wilcox, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Casey Maytorena, Certificated Employee of the Month

SRTA members from Charter Arts and SRMS are encouraged to attend this meeting to honor your own!

C.9. Public Comment on Non Agenda Items

SRTA members are invited to complete ‘blue cards’ in person or raise their hands and provide voice only comments if attending online. Please put SRTA at the start of your online name. Please observe the standard three minute time limit (and be prepared for a last minute change to a two minute limit). Only items not on the agenda are addressed at this time, so safety items would be addressed here.

Comments are requested at the board meeting to bring a member’s perspective and share real experiences of the impact of district policies and practices. There is an invitation for comments on specific items during each item, so they need to be held until then.

Please commit to watching or attending at least one board meeting this year, and speaking to an agenda item that impacts you or your students. Speakers are most impactful when they are well spoken, composed and reasonable.

Safety Concerns: 

I still don’t have columbine locks on my door despite SEVERAL notices to the district.

A staff member was assaulted by a student. This staff member has not returned to work after two months, while the student is back at school after a 5-day suspension with no apparent change in demeanor- they have engaged in a student fight without notated consequences. 

Is this how things are supposed to work?

D.3. The Superintendent’s report will include an update on the  Safety Advisory Round Table (SART) 


E.1. (Action) Resolution in Support of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Board will consider the approval of Resolution No. 2022/23-62 in support of National Sexual Assault Awareness month.


What actions, beyond this resolution, will there be in SRCS?

E.2. (Discussion) 2023 Summer School


The Board will be provided with an overview of the Santa Rosa City Schools in-person summer programs planned for June 2023 through July 2023.


Expanded Learning Programs

High school students are severely credit deficient. The possible paths to graduate are diminishing with each additional semester of failure. Summer school does not repair a faulty educational foundation. Summer school does not change the mindset after a student matriculates from middle school without learning the prerequisite skills required for success in high school. Summer school does not address the needs for alternative education when a comprehensive high school isn’t working for a student. 

Where is the data? What proportion of eligible students enroll in summer school? What proportion of enrolled students earn credits? What impact does summer school success have on the students’ following year’s courses?

Thank you for paying for prep time for teachers for the summer of 2023.  As the need for summer school, especially credit recovery, increases, SRCS will need to increase the rate of pay and continue to pay for prep time in the future. The extended day rate of $54.49/hour is not appealing for most teachers. Those teaching the second session will benefit from a 4.5% raise starting July 1, but $56.94/hour is still not attractive enough to give up a break after the year staff has had.

E.3. (Action) Adoption of Resolution No. 2022/23-63, Approving Lease-Leaseback Contracts with Wright Contracting LLC dba Wright Contracting General Builders for the (i) Brook Hill Elementary School Project; (ii) Santa Rosa High School Modernization Project; and (iii) Santa Rosa High School DeSoto Hall Project and Making Related Findings


The Board will consider adopting Resolution No. 2022/23-63 approving the Lease-Leaseback Contracts with Wright Contracting LLC dba Wright Contracting General Builders (“Wright”) for the Brook Hill Elementary School Project; Santa Rosa High School Modernization Project; and Santa Rosa High School DeSoto Hall Project, and Making Related Findings

Site Leases (BHES) (SRHS Modernization) (SRHS DeSoto)

Facilities Leases (BHES) (SRHS Modernization) (SRHS DeSoto)



E.4. (Action) Acceptance of 2021/22 Measure I and Measure L Bond Audit Reports


Secondary expenditures 21-22 (in thousands of dollars)

Cook $250

Maria Carrillo $75

Montgomery $334

Piner $8,807

Ridgeway $23

SRHS $1,423

SRMS $920

District $1,740

Technology $14

Total $13,591

Elementary Expenditures (in thousands of dollars)

Brookhill $416

CCLA $24

SRCSArts $279

FACS $52

Steele Lane $5,721


District $1,171

Technology $14

Total $7,733

Bond Measure I

Bond Measure L

The board comments about Bond decisions included the idea that the board would be involved in choosing projects. What is the process that will be utilized to prioritize projects for future bond funds?


F.2. Approval of Personnel Transactions

Personnel Transactions

EdJoin shows a total of 120 current postings for 201 job vacancies for SRCS. 

There are 55 certificated openings (the same as the last meeting), and 5 certificated management openings (three more than the last meeting). There are 140 current classified openings (nine less than the last meeting), and one classified management position (the same as the last meeting.) 

Credentialed positions were not posted in March. The current expectation is that internal postings will happen prior to the end of this month, and then jobs will be posted to the public. 

There are now 35 teachers at 1.2FTE. While being grateful for these folks stepping up, this is an unsustainable way to operate.

SRTA is appreciative of the two approved LOAs for next year.

SRTA bids farewell to those three members resigning at the end of the year taking twenty-three years of service and experience between them: Holly Hunter (MCHS), Bertrand Lohier (FACS) and Erin Maillo (CCLA). We wish you well with your future endeavors. To date there are 40 certificated resignations.

Congratulations to those retiring in June after 81 years of combined service to our students: Kevin Costello (SRHS), Roger Page (JMES), Amy Stevens (MHS) and Kathryn Vyenielo (RHS.) To date there are 23 certificated retirements.

This month changes to classified staff include five new hires, nine resignations and one retirement. 

F.5. Approval of Contracts 


1Tonya Ward Singer of Courageous Literacy LLC$20,000Four PD days to help Multilingual Learners in accessing high-level content learning at EAHS from LCAP. Student reflections will be used for evaluation and further work.

Total value of contracts = $20,000.00

Summary of Contracts


In prior years the district LCAP was not used to fund efforts at a single site. As the LCAP is undergoing review, SRTA members would appreciate transparency around the district definition for what does and does not qualify for use of LCAP funds, and what the inclusion process is for site specific efforts.

F.6. Approval of Contract with Permanente Medicine, Santa Rosa for Special Services 18-22 Transition Program


This contract with Permanente Medicine Rohnert Park, (Kaiser, Rohnert Park) provides an integrated competitive employment opportunity in addition to the student wages being funded by Permanente Medicine Santa Rosa, for the students of the 18-22 Transition program. Work experience opportunities are currently available to 18-22 Transition students primarily through funding of the State Workability Grant.


F.7. Approval of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Categorical Exemptions for the District-Wide Solar, Cesar Chavez Learning Academy HVAC, Lewis Early Learning Academy Shade Structure, and the Santa Rosa HS & Brook Hill ES Modernization Projects


The Board will consider approval of the categorical exemptions from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the District-wide Solar, Cesar Chavez Learning Academy HVAC, Lewis Early Learning Academy Shade Structure, and the Santa Rosa HS & Brook Hill ES Modernization Projects .


F.8. Approval of Final Decision of Reclassifications for California School Employees Association, Chapter 75 (CSEA 75) Instructional Materials Technician, Technology Assistant, Food Service Worker III, Food Service Worker II, Senior High School Technician III


The Board will consider the Superintendent’s designee’s final decision for reclassification of current CSEA 75 Instructional Materials Technician, Technology Assistant, Food Service Worker III, Food Service Worker II, and Senior High Tech III positions and salary ranges.

F.9. Approval of Appointment to Measure I, Measure L, Measure C, and Measure G Citizens’ Oversight Committees


The Board will consider approving and appointing two new members to Measure I,  Measure L, Measure C, and Measure G Citizens’ Oversight Committees representing Business Organization and Parent / Active PTO groups. 

COC Application – J. Hague

COC Application – B. Wolf

F.10. Approval of Development Group, Inc (DGI SPURR Contract for Acquisition and Installation of N1C Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


The Board will consider approval of the Development Group Inc. SPURR Contract for Acquisition and Installation of N1C Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for the SRCS network.


Reseller Letter – DGI

SPURR Authorization to Order

Project Stabilization Agreement

L-Series Flyer

Reference – Clovis Unified

Reference – New Albany Floyd County

Reference – Rogers School District

F.11. Approval of Contract for Consulting Services with Dr. Tracy A. Benson


The Board will consider approving the contract for consulting services with Dr. Tracy A. Benson. This engagement aims to begin building the foundation for a viable data infrastructure around school discipline. This is for fifteen days plus 20 hours.

Financial Impact $16,500


What is the deficiency in how discipline is  handled that this contract will improve? 

G.1. Approval of Minutes

March 29, 2023 Minutes

I1. Future Board Discussion Items

SRTA Members are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming agenda items.

  • Student/Staff awards & site reports: Hidden Valley Elementary, Santa Rosa French-American Charter (4/26/23)
  • Resolution for May as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (4/26/23)
  • Resolution for Classified School Employees Week (4/26/23)
  • Resolution Celebrating CNS Professionals Week (4/26/23)
  • Resolution for Teacher Appreciation Week (4/26/23)
  • Resolution Recognizing Guest Teacher Appreciation In May (4/26/23)
  • Technology Updates for Classrooms (4/26/23)

SRTA members request  equity. Not all classrooms have the same needs. Our technology policies should have flexibility to meet the needs of all. Placing the same equipment in the same place in each room doesn’t account for the variability of the sun impacting visibility. Providing  the same equipment in each room, disallowing the replacement of equipment that meets the functional needs of a class and forcing the change to other technology is not an effective implementation plan.

  • Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement (4/26/23)

SRTA appreciates the effort of TOSA Heather Rossi-Garcia and Executive Director Tim Zalanardo leading enormous strides in ETHS including course creation.  SRTA Members are concerned that there aren’t enough viable internal pathways for all students to meet the current requirement given the current implementation timeline.

  • Student/Staff awards & site reports: Steele Lane Elementary, Ridgway High School (3/8/23 rescheduled to 5/10/23)
  • Resolution for May as the Month of Speech and Language Pathologists (5/10/23)
  • Resolution Recognizing Administrative Professionals (5/10/23)
  • Resolution for Mental Health Awareness Month (5/10/23)
  • Resolution for School Nurse Day (5/10/23)

SRTA looks to the future scheduling of the following items:

  • Safety (board statement 3/8/23)

The California Constitution states, “All students and staff of public … schools have the inalienable right to attend campuses which are safe, secure, and peaceful.” (Article 1, Section 28(f). 

What are the steps for intervening when a student creates a disruptive and/or unsafe situation for other students and staff?

Some current practices seem to protect bullies and tolerate intimidation without intervention. 

What changes to discipline practices have been put into place since March 1?

What is the current discipline policy and process? When are police contacted? 

What are the consequences for cutting a class? Students not experiencing any repercussions are wandering our campuses instead of attending classes. This can lead to unsafe conditions for other students.

What are the staffing ratios of adult supervisors expected to be on our campuses?

What are the MTSS staffing ratios expected to be on our campuses, including Restorative Specialists, Family Facilitators, Student Facilitators, Counselors, Psychologists, Therapists, Behavioral Specialists, and others ?

An audit  of the programs for students with special needs is called for. Have we been able to attract and retain the necessary employees to run these programs effectively? 

What anti-bullying efforts are we implementing?

How many students are not coming to campus because they don’t feel safe? It is a hardship on teachers to provide independent study.

  • A-G Program Review (board request 8/10/22)

This should include data on students that are not on track to graduate. How helpful were prior IGPs in allowing students to earn diplomas? How many current seniors are not on track to graduate even with the IGP? SRTA members are hearing that an enormous proportion of current juniors and sophomores are not on track to graduate. How many of these students are meeting the state requirements for a diploma? 

What are the systemic measures in place to offer academic support K-12 to increase A-G success? 

  • Parcel Tax survey results
  • Results of Developer Fee exploration
  • SRACS Accelerated Charter Material Revision Request (delayed)Deferred Maintenance Update and Future Planning (7/27/22 8/24/22)
  • Update on Covid Spending
  • Approval of Board Policies (3/9/22)
  • Review of Math grades and progress including demographic data (board request)
  • SCOE Unification/Redistricting Report (on option #1)
  • Open Enrollment Policy Update 
  • Student Voice Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • BEST Plus Update

I.4. School Site Reports

Charter Arts SPSA

Charter Arts Video


SRMS Video

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