SRCS Board Meeting Agenda Analysis – 12/14/2022


Santa Rosa City Schools

December 14, 2022

4:30 p.m. – Closed Session 

6:00 p.m. – Open Session

Hybrid: Zoom / Santa Rosa High School Auditorium (1235 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401)



*** streamed ***

A live link will be posted on the SRCS website (link).

Please take time to review the following abbreviated version of the agenda. Click here to see the entire agenda. It has live links on many items with more information. If you want to comment to the board about any upcoming items, email Please CC on your comments.

Closed Session Items: 

A.1. Public Comment On Closed Session Agenda Items. To comment, email Melanie Martin at

B.1 Public Employee Appointment/Employment (Position to be filled: Director)

B.2 Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Title of employee being reviewed: Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Coordinators)

B.3 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release

B.4 Conference with Labor Negotiator (Name of designated rep attending: Michael Shepherd (SRCS); name of organization: SRTA/CSEA) 

B.5 Conference With Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation (Case name: OAH #2022080813; OAH #2022080513)

B.6 Student Readmissions (Case Nos: 2021/2022-06, 2021-2022-09)

B.7 Student Expulsions (Case Nos: 22/23-05, 22/23-06, 22/23-08, 22/23-09)


C7. Special Presentations for Student of the Month and Certificated/Classified Employees of the Month for Rincon Valley Middle School)

James Monroe Elementary School

  • Valentina Campos Chavez, Student of the Month
  • Sandi Roja, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Kathryn Morton, Certificated Employee of the Month

Maria Carrillo High School

  • Joy Maitiro, Student of the Month
  • Norma Perez, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Joe Silvestri, Certificated Employee of the Month

SRTA members at Jame Monroe Elementary and Maria Carrillo High are extended a special invitation to attend (in person or online) to acknowledge those being honored at your site.

C.9. Public Comment on Non Agenda Items

SRTA members are invited to raise their hands and provide voice only comments during the meeting. Please observe the standard three minute time limit (and be prepared for a last minute change to a two minute limit). Only items not on the agenda are addressed at this time. 

Comments are requested at the board meeting to bring a member’s perspective to the messages contained in this analysis and share real experiences of the impact of district policies and practices. There is an invitation for comments on specific items during each item. 

Please commit to watching or attending at least one board meeting this year, and speaking to an agenda item that impacts you or your students. Speakers are most impactful when they are well spoken, composed and reasonable.

C. 10. Special Presentation for Jill McCormick, Outgoing Board Trustee

Thank you to Trustee McCormick for your service to our students, staff and district.

C. 11. Board Member Oaths of Office for Roxanne McNally (Area 2), Omar Medina (Area 4), and Stephanie Manieri (Area 6)

Welcome aboard Roxanne, and welcome back to Trustees Omar Medina and Stephanie Manieri.

C.12. Annual Organization of the Board (President’s Year End Report, Elections of President, Vice President and  Clerk)

C.13. Adoption of 2023 Board Calendar

2023 SRCS Board Calendar

D.7. Migrant Ed Report


E.1. (Discussion) Career Technical Education (CTE) Update


The Board will receive an update on Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, which will include CTE program offerings, Career Technical Student Organizations, work-based learning, and industry and post-secondary partnerships.


2022-23 Program List

This list can be compared to last year’s and the prior year’s. There is great consistency with the following exceptions.

  • Veterinary Science is now offered at EAHS. 
  • At PHS the Project MAKE Pathway has been replaced with Construction Engineering and Design. 
  • Drama Production is listed as a CTE course at MHS but not at other sites. 

Is there any inclination to ensure Capstone courses exist for students in all CTE pathways?

Work-Based Learning Experiences  

This list defines possible student experiences. How are these implemented and supported? To what extent are their opportunities for students to engage with these?

CTE Program Elements

The district LCAP mentions CTE.

At the secondary level, analysis of the CCI on the Dashboard and transcript and GPA analysis for High School revealed a trend that there are a significant number of credit-deficient students and a need for proficiency in CTE coursework. The evidence-based interventions selected to address these inequities are to focus on dropout prevention and reinforcing literacy development in areas such as prioritizing caring adults, providing academic support and credit remediation options, establishing secondary writing across the curriculum, and creating small communities to connect students to relevant college and career related subjects and supports. For example, building staff capacity to track student progress via a homeroom advisory program in the continuation high school, as well as creating a school-wide writing rubric that is aligned to grade level standards to support writing across the curriculum are two of the interventions at the secondary level. Lastly, offering practical CTE courses that connect math to real life so students can earn credits in practical ways that impact their daily lives.

What does the data for grades and course completion look like? What is being done to increase proficiency in CTE coursework? 

Efforts to increase the CTE program at Elsie Allen High School have been expressed at prior board meetings.

Aug 24 Board Meeting

CTE programs support students with meeting the workforce needs of local and regional employers, provide relevant and meaningful learning experiences for students, and prepare students for postsecondary education and careers. Through the transformational work at EAHS, existing CTE programs are being redesigned, work-based learning opportunities are being developed, and new CTE Programs will be implemented. Recently, the CTE Foundation of Sonoma County was awarded an American Rescue Plan Act grant, in the amount of $1.1 million, to continue to support EAHS with reforming their education model to deliver authentic, relevant, and integrated learning experiences that prepare youth for a lifetime of success.

$277,383 in grant funds provided to EAHS for Phase 1 professional development, meeting materials and supplies, work-based learning activities, and to hire a full-time, site-based CTE TOSA to support work-based learning activities and expansion of business and community partners. The grant is for $657,509 which includes a staff member and $172,000 for a subcontractor. (A contract for this subcontractor is not found in board agendas.)

How is the EAHS CTE redesign work going? What does the envisioned program look like? 

CTE Data from board presentations

CTE Demographic Data (in Percents)
African American3.31.7
American Indian8.9
Pacific Islander10.7
English Learner12.18.1
Students with Disabilities13.7
Migrant Education1.3
Unduplicated Pupil Count48.3

SRTA hopes the presentation will explore this data. 

  • CTE enrollment has grown by 8% from last year. 
  • The number of white students has dramatically dropped. 
  • Male and female enrollments have both shown pronounced changes. 

What does the CDE College and Career Indicator (CCI) show? The state has not been consistent in how it reports this data. SRCS students can be better prepared for College and Career.

CCI Measures of Career Readiness – CA School Dashboard (CA Dept of Education)

“Prepared” means completed a CTE Pathway with a grade of C- or better in the capstone course and met one of the additional criteria below: 

• Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments: Receive a score of Level 3 or higher in one subject area (ELA or mathematics) and a score of Level 2 or higher in the other area 

• Complete one semester/two quarters/two-trimesters of College Credit Courses with a grade of C- or better in academic/CTE subjects where college credits are awarded for each course

“Approaching Prepared” means Completed a CTE Pathway with a grade of C- or better in the capstone course

2018 CA Dashboard College and Career Indicator 30.5% of 2,052 district students are prepared.

2019 CA Dashboard College and Career Indicator 17.8% of 2,004 district students are prepared.

2020 Data from CDE shows 1130 seniors (55.7%) district wide were not CCI prepared. (This data includes all indicators, not just CTE.)

2021 Data from CDE shows 94 seniors (4.7%) district wide were ‘approaching prepared’ by completing a CTE pathway with a C- or better in a Capstone course. 4 seniors (0.2%) district wide completed a Capstone course with a C- or better AND completed UC/CSU requirements with a C or better and were ‘prepared’. (Please see the linked report for complete information.)

E.2. (Discussion) First Reading of Updated Board Policy 1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures


The Board will discuss the proposed revisions to Board Policy 1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures recommended by the California School Boards Association (CSBA).

First Read (Clean Proposal)

First Read (Uniform Complaint Procedure)

SRTA appreciated the efforts undertaken to provide the flowchart and explanations in the district COMPLAINT PROCEDURES HANDBOOK. We hope that this resource will be updated to reflect any impacts caused by changing this board policy.

E.3. (Action) 2022-23 First Interim Budget Report


The Board will consider approval of the 2022-23 First Interim Report with Qualified Certification


SRCS First Interim Report

What state revenue is $13.8 million less than expected? This increase is more than the estimated Unidentified Fiscal Stabilization Measures that BAC (the Budget Advisory Committee) will be asked to reduce.

There appears to be a 6% absenteeism rate that dramatically impacts our ADA. What efforts are being undertaken to address this?

As revenues are being decreased by $5.5 million, why are expenses increasing by $13.4 million? 

With over 200 open positions, how is salary and benefits increasing by $4.6 million from the budgeted amount?

Where is the expected income from Prop 28 reflected in this update? How much is this? How much of this funding will be used to offset current General Fund expenses?

Isn’t COLA for 23-24 8.38% and 24-25 5.3%?

E.4. (Action) CSBA Delegate Nomination

The Board will make their nomination for the CSBA’s Delegate Assembly.

Delegate Assembly

E.5. (Action) Public Board Meetings Via Teleconference per AB 361


F.2. Approval of Personnel Transactions

Personnel Transactions

EdJoin shows a total of 132 current postings for 205 job vacancies for SRCS. 

There are 41 certificated openings (two less than the last meeting), and 1 certificated management openings (four less than last meeting). There are 163 current classified openings (three more than the last meeting), and no classified management positions (one less than last meeting.) 

SRTA welcomes Kelsey Krehbiel (EAHS), Megan Hulett (ALES), Marie-Pierre Prieur (FACS) and Lien Vo (EAHS). 

Welcome back to Michael Adams (SPSV) and Mary Jo Dailey (SPSV).

We bid farewell to Debra Inman (SLES) after nineteen years of service to our students.

This month changes to classified staff include eleven new hires. This month there is again progress on hiring. There is one resignation and four retirements. We are losing 74 years of wisdom and experience with these departures. 

Of special note, Judy Torres from duplicating is retiring after fifteen years of service to our students and staff.

Twenty posted classified jobs pay less than the city of Santa Rosa’s minimum wage of $17.06. Why would anyone apply for one of these jobs as posted on EdJoin? SRCS has not yet made the $1,000 bonus pay obvious to anyone looking at these job postings on EdJoin as requested.

F.5. Approval of Contracts 


5Keeping Kids In School (KKIS)$100,000States an amendment to our MOU to increase case managers from 1 to 2. 6/21 Contract provided 1 case manager for $10,000 for 20-21 with special funding.
SCOE SPED Services$0Not Attached.
8Special Olympics Northern California$10,000This continues a stipend for the organizer of three programs per year for their work outside of the school day. Expected to serve 3,500 students this year.
9EduClimber$2,490This addendum is to convert the Advanced Feature Workshop into a Virtual Training with a set of Virtual Consultations or to provide two 3 hour training sessions for 30 people and 1 hour of coaching bringing the contract to $113,954.
12Frontline Education$42,557Software used for PD catalog and registration (1/2023 to 12/2023) bringing total contracts to over $250,000.
18Jess Mercer$4,440Two contracts are attached. PD for staff in a variety of positions to be trauma informed when responding to students and community members. Includes 3 days of training and 5 hours of coaching/mentoring. $4,400
19Mooiman Consulting$4,250PD on PBIS and Restorative Practices to help fortify understanding and implementation of the SRCS MTSS. This is for 4 webinar sessions and 10 hours of coaching/mentoring for a total of $4,250.
20Positive Images$2,000PD for increasing sensitivity to the LGBTQ+ student experience, understanding of the vocabulary, and best practices/approaches for increasing a sense of belonging, safety and inclusion in the school community. Up to 10 hour of training at $200 per hour.
22SCOE Special Education$5,000To provide Adaptive Physical Education (APE) that SRCS cannot provide due to a lack of staff for 8 hours per month at $155 per hour.
4Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership$0Provides for information sharing for MultiDisciplinary Assessment & Referral Team (MDART) to best serve students.
7SCOE Transition Partnership Program (TPP)$0SCOE will provide on site Transition Partnership Program (TPP), Department of Rehabilitation counseling services to students.
14Central Valley Environmental (CVE)$45,250For the demolition and removal of three (3) condemned portables at PHS from Bond funding.
15California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)$18,902HVAC Unit Accessories for SRHS, bringing equipment cost to $271,797.
17NB Trades Introduction Program$0For a consultant for three Sat sessions for Construction students at SRHS. Cost of an SRCS CTE teacher is additional.
21SC Barnes Buildings and Fence$76,495The purchase of new animal pens for the new SRHS Ag facility that burned down in the Tubbs fire from Fund 35, County Schools Facilities Fund that has a $0 budget per item E.3.
1California Poets in the Schools (CPITS)$0Poet to work with JMES 6th graders
64Cs Memorandum of Understanding$0For three inclusive preschool seats at Willow Creek Preschool. Contract not attached.
10Learning A-Z$3,000This addendum to our contract would provide an opportunity for in person PD, bringing the contract to $66,504.
11Forget Me Not Farms Children’s Services$7505 trips for LH students to the farm for NGSS lessons.
13Lawrence Hall of Science$3,240For 3 session Science Festival for BHES from CSI funding.
16California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)$15,467HVAC Unit Accessories for BHES, bringing equipment cost to $202,074.

Total value of contracts = $343,841.14

Summary of Contracts



F.6. Approval of Resolution Authorizing Personnel to Sign Orders on District Funds


The Board will consider approval of Resolution No. 2022/23-30 for Authorization of Personnel to Sign Orders on District Funds.


F.7. Approval of Authorized Signatory for California Department of Education, Early Childhood Education Contract

This resolution authorizes the State and Federal Programs Coordinator to be a signatory for the California State Preschool Program (CSPP).  Each CSPP grant requires the Board of Education to authorize signatories to accept the grant on an annual basis.

Signed Resolution

F.8. Approval of Professional Services: Daybreak Health P.C.

Special Services is requesting a contract with DayBreak Health P.C. to provide teletherapy counseling to support students with IEPs (ERMHS), due to the current increase in student mental health needs and demand for services. 200 hours @ $130/hr for a total of $26,000 through Dec 2023.


F.9. Approval of Contract with Katie Barr for Dual Language Immersion Support at Elsie Allen HS

Santa Rosa City Schools will have the opportunity to become the premier Secondary Dual Language Immersion Program in Sonoma County.  Elsie Allen High School will be prepared to receive the first cohort of dual language immersion students in August 2023 and will meet the California Department of Education Dual Language Immersion Grant program expansion goals. $55,000 from LCAP.



The Dual Language Immersion Grant is not attached for reference. What are the expansion goals this grant will assist with?

The updated LCAP that provides $625,000 for EAHS for 5 additional FTE which will fund this position is not posted on the district website. 

Will the various initiatives at EAHS be interwoven? Will this Dual Language Program work be done in coordination with Corrina Hui’s development of tools and resources for redesigning culture and learning experiences?  Will the Blended Learning practices be incorporated into the new courses? 

F.10. Approval of Service Agreement with Hanover Research

The Board will consider approval of the service agreement with Hanover Research Council LLC as an  educational research engine of resources will be key to informing planning and decisions. This service agreement timeline supports the remainder of the 2022/2023 school year and the entirety of the 2023/2024 school year.  Licenses will be utilized by administration to stay informed about nation-wide research on topics that are germane to the work and planning of SRCS. Progress monitoring of usage of the service will take place to ensure appropriate and effective utilization and application. Cost: $29,250 from General Funds.

Services Agreement

Membership Overview

Hanover Research

SRTA is expecting that a summary of the progress monitoring will be shared prior to renewing this contract.

F.11. Approval of CMAS Contract for the SRHS HVAC Equipment for the SRHS Phase 3 Roof/HVAC Project

The Board will consider approving the Siglar (Carrier) California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) Contract for HVAC units for the upcoming Santa Rosa HS (SRHS) DeSoto Roof and HVAC Project. The prior contract did NOT cover DeSoto. Bond Funded: $145,896


Will there be an addendum to this contract for HVAC Unit Accessories as there were for the two prior CMAS contracts?

F.12. Approval for Greystone West Construction Management Services for SRHS Phase 3 and Brook Hill ES Roofing and HVAC Projects

The Board will consider awarding the bid proposal for Greystone West to provide construction management services for both the Santa Rosa High School (SRHS) Phase 3 and the Brook Hill Elementary School(BHES) roofing and HVAC project.This same firm has been contracted to oversee HVAC and roofing work at CCLA.

BHES Proposal $192,126

SRHS Proposal $272,238 (Does this include the DeSoto building?)

F.13. Approval of a Pool of Qualified DSA Certified Inspectors of Record

The Board will consider approval of a Pool of Qualified DSA Certified Inspector of Record (IOR) Consultant Firms for Measures I and L Remaining Capital Facilities Bond Program Projects and Measures C and G Upcoming Capital Facilities Bond Program Projects. 

IOR Rating Sheet


F.14. Approval of Proposed Increase of Minimum Wage

The Board will consider approval of the proposed increase of minimum wage for:

  • Accompanist
  • After School Athletic Program, Elementary
  • Auditorium Supervisor
  • Ticket Taker/Timekeeper/Scorekeeper
  • Student Workers

And, the revision of the Extra Duty Hourly/Miscellaneous Salary Schedule for 2022-2023  to reflect this increase ordered by the California Legislature. Increased to $15.50 per hour.

Salary Schedule

This proposed $15.50 per hour is $1.56 per hour shy of the Santa Rosa City minimum wage of $17.06.

G.1. Approval of Minutes

November 9, 2022 Minutes

November 16, 2022 Minutes

I1. Future Board Discussion Items

SRTA Members are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming agenda items.

  • Student/Staff awards & site reports:  Santa Rosa High School, Helen Lehman Elementary School (1/11/23)
  • Resolution on Skipping Criteria (1/11/23)
  • Resolution on Tie-Breaking Criteria (1/11/23)
  • Board Communication Norms (1/11/23)
  • Board Liaison Assignments (1/11/23)
  • Student/Staff awards & site reports:  Montgomery High School, Piner High School (1/25/23)
  • Board Governance Handbook (1/25/23)

SRTA looks to the future scheduling of the following items:

  • FY 21/22 Audit Report (12/14)
  • Feedback on Condition of Schools Survey Data (10/26/22)
  • A-G Program Review and Reconsideration (board request 8/10)
  • Deferred Maintenance Update and Future Planning (7/27/22 8/24/22)
  • Update on Covid Spending
  • District Data (from canceled 3/18/22 Special Meeting) 
  • Approval of Board Policies (from 3/9/22 JMES Site Report)
  • Review of Math grades and progress including demographic data (board request)
  • SCOE Unification/Redistricting Report
  • Open Enrollment Policy Update 
  • Granting a permanent easement to City of SR at MHS
  • Lease / Leaseback Montgomery High School 
  • Student Voice Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • BEST Plus Update

I.4. School Site Reports

SPSA – James Monroe Elementary School 

JMES Site Report Video

SPSA – Maria Carrillo High School 

MCHS Site Report Video

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