SRCS Board Meeting Agenda Analysis – 8/10/2022


Santa Rosa City Schools

August 10, 2022

4:45 p.m. – Closed Session 

6:00 p.m. – Open Session

Hybrid: Zoom / Santa Rosa City Hall Council Chambers (100 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404) Limited seating.


*** streamed ***

A live link will be posted on the SRCS website (link).

Please take time to review the following abbreviated version of the agenda. Click here to see the entire agenda. It has live links on many items with more information. If you want to comment to the board about any upcoming items, email Please CC on your comments.

Closed Session Items: 

A.1. Public Comment On Closed Session Agenda Items. To comment, email Melanie Martin at

B.1 Public Employee Appointment/Employment (Position to be filled: Principal; Assoc. Supt. Business Services/CBO)

B.2 Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Title of employee being reviewed: Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Coordinators)

B.3 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release

B.4 Conference with Labor Negotiator (Designated Rep: Michael Shepherd, SRTA/CSEA)


C.7. Public Comment on Non Agenda Items

SRTA members are invited to raise their hands and provide voice only comments during the meeting. Please observe the standard three minute time limit (and be prepared for a last minute change to a two minute limit). Only items not on the agenda are addressed at this time. 

Comments are requested at the board meeting to bring a member’s perspective to the messages contained in this analysis and share real experiences of the impact of district policies and practices. There is an invitation for comments on specific items during each item. 

Please commit to watching or attending at least one board meeting this year, and speaking to an agenda item that impacts you or your students. Speakers are most impactful when they are well spoken, composed and reasonable.


E.1. and E.2. (Action) Approval of Resolution Calling for an Election Authorizing the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds of the Elementary and High School Districts to be Held November 8, 2022


  1. $125,000,000 of general obligation bonds for Elementary and $398,000,000 for high school
  2. These bonds would be payable into 2059
  3. The total cost is estimated to be $233.8 and $752.5 million 

Elementary Resolution

TBWBH Consultation Contract ($6,500 per month plus $51,620 for informational flyers)

High School District Resolution 

The proposed bond language would allow for the replacement of aging flooring and furnishing of classrooms. Currently sites are required to use their limited funds for these purposes, so they languish. 

This item must be approved tonight to make the deadline for the November ballot. Bringing this item to the board under such a tight timeline creates urgency that replicates oppression.

The board requested that this item include a plan for transparent and inclusive decision making on spending of bond funds. That is not included here.

This is a requirement before support can be provided to this campaign. 

Also, there is a need for a full accounting of the prior bonds. How much was spent on each site? How much was spent on projects and how much on oversight and consultants?

SRTA member concerns on prior bond spending include

  • $2.6 million for an All-In-One Notification System (clocks) with all the bells and whistles, which the majority of functions have NOT been utilized
  • Replacement of asphalt in good shape and $655,000 on marquees at each site which do not address technology or “warm, safe and dry” goals. 
  • Lack of oversight of contractors and projects
  • Implementation of new lock system through out the district without adequate inclusion in decision making creating persistent frustrations in accessing required space for teaching and learning
  • Replacement of HVAC equipment before it was at end of life, while not addressing HVAC systems that are long past their life expectancy.
  • Failure to address persistent problems in classrooms where classroom conditions expose students to annual flooding 
  • E.3. (Action) Approval of 2022-23 45 Day Budget Update


COLA is 6.56% and there is a 6.28% LCAP augmentation.

TK is partially funded.

Continuation of Independent Study option

$16 million in additional funding which may be used to increase or stabilize instructional learning time, decrease or stabilize staff-to- pupil ratios, provide supports to address barriers to learning, provide instruction for credit-deficient students, provide learning supports to close learning gaps, and provide additional academic services. The funds are available through the 2027-28 fiscal year and expenditures will be reported to CDE.

$8 million for Arts, Music and Instructional Materials discretionary block grant.

$20 million one-time unrestricted discretionary grant.

60% of prior year transportation costs.

This 45 day revision has overall an increase of about $5 million to the budget.


The creation of the budget, and the details and implications are not transparent.

Given the additional funds the district is receiving from the state, there is a plea for the elimination of combination classes. Adequately reaching the needs of a single level class at this time is enough of a challenge. Adding multiple levels to a classroom makes the situation impossible, especially when these combo classes are filled to or beyond capacity.

As we begin the new year and rosters are being shared, there is a concern about class size. The best education for our students and classroom relationships are not possible when classes are enormous. Elementary classes with 32 or more students, especially combo classes, do not promote student learning. Neither do secondary classes with more than 35 students. The additional funding should be used to reduce class sizes. 

E.4. (Action) Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) reached with Santa Rosa City Schools (SRCS) and Santa Rosa Teachers Association (SRTA) regarding Safe Return to School Guidelines

SRTA and SRCS have tentatively agreed on safeguards for students and staff. Full ratification includes board and SRTA member approval.


It is to be celebrated that this agreement is forged before the school year begins and also that the district has agreed to provide Covid days when those provided from the state end.  

SRTA supports SRCS negotiating a new MOU with our classified unit that acknowledges the impact to their jobs for the continued extra Covid prevention efforts, as well as extending additional Covid days to classified staff to keep our students safe.

E.5. to E.10.  (Action) Approval of Resubmitted Provisional Internship Permit Applications (PIPs) and Variable Term Waiver

E-5PIPSarah Kanga-LivingstoneMCHS- Biology
E-6PIPShelby L. RaffiALES-SpEd
E-7PIPBrett KovacsALES-SpEd
E-8PIPChristina KlauenburchCCLA-SpEd
E-9PIPColleen MagillJMES-Teacher
E-10Variable Term WaiverBridget Marie Leddy JoyHCMS-Counselor

SRTA notes that the process for recruiting and hiring must be improved.

E.11. (Action) Public Board Meetings Via Teleconference per AB 361

This monthly item allows SRCS to continue to hold hybrid meetings.


F.2. Approval of Personnel Transactions

Personnel Transactions

EdJoin shows a total of 136 current postings for 237 job vacancies for SRCS. There are 56 certificated openings (3 fewer than last meeting), and 4 certificated management openings (2 more than last meeting). There are 177 current classified openings (11 less than last meeting), and no classified management positions (unchanged from the last meeting.) 

SRTA welcomes these folks to their new administrative positions:

Vanessa Wedderburn Communication Coordinator

Sarah O’Connor SRMS Principal

Tanya Pearson CCLA Asst. Principal

Alexandra Dido SRHS Asst. Principal

Michael Beard ALES Proj. Mgr/Behavior Specialist

Casey Cunningham EAHS Asst. Principal

Sydney Smith RHS Principal

Valerie Jordan SRHS Vice Principal

Farewell to the following Admin:

Nicole Tafoya (RHS)

SRTA welcomes our new hires: 

ALES Erin Cox, Shelby Raffi

CCLA Jesus Contreras, Cynthia Gutierrez Garcia, Brad Saunders, Natalie Villagomez Vigil

EAHS Ryan Branche, Eva Brena, Vicente Carreras, Patricia Hurtado, Juliana Pereira

HLES Nicholas Chudwick

JMES Megan Braia, Colleen Magill

MCHS Jennifer Green, David Babington, Allison Johnson, Kenny Kennedy

MHS Cinthia Ceja Hernandez, Stephanie Hsu, Megan Neely

PHS John Mayer, Dawn Neufeld, Maria Rios-Zendejas

PTES Raeann Valladao

RVMS Morgan Vermeulen

SLES Kara Andersen

SPSV Emily Jones, Jennifer Magnesi

SRHS Jasmin Clewis, Victoria Martinez, Matthew O’Donnell, Taryn Pearson

SRMS Maria Theresa Aranda

Welcome back to the following rehires: Meryl Blomseth JMES, Sandra Cortes CCLA, Meghan Harrigan MHS, Susan Linder ALES, Laura May LES, Alison Peoples ALES, Jefferson Swift RHS and Emily Thompson EAHS.

There are eighteen transfers this year. Please help all your new site-mates feel welcome!

SRTA bids a fond farewell to the resigning Megan Maydole (CCLA) and  Briana Quintana Barajas (CCLA) and the retiring Steven Salkovics (MHS). We are losing unlisted years of wisdom and experience with your departure. Thank you for your service to our students! 

This month changes to classified staff include thirteen new hires and one resignation. We thank them for their service and wish them the best with their future endeavors. 

Supervisory employees have 2 new hires.

F.4. Approval of Contracts 


2University of Massachusetts GlobalNo CostFor paid counseling intern placements, costs of supervising counselors are not included, nor is weekly 1.5 hour supervision provided by faculty.
4Lucid Partnerships, Inc.$42,000Consultant for Business Services to aid Superintendent and Cabinet, as well as Fiscal Services, CNS, Facilities, M and O and Purchasing.
3Boys and Girls Club of Sonom/Marin$700,000Extended learning opportunities for 20 TK/K students at ABES, BHES, LBES, HLES, ALES, JMES and SLES.
1Colors of Spanish$33,880This is for music and movement classes for TK – 2nd grade at CCLA this school year and next summer.

Total value of contracts = $775,880.

Summary of Contracts


There is no evidence of the metrics used to evaluate contracts that are being renewed. 

F.5. Approval of Resolution Requesting Fund Transfer To Borrow Funds From The Sonoma County Treasury As Needed During The 2022-23 Fiscal Year

The district uses cash funds as needed when necessary due to expenses acquired before property tax income is received. Should that not be sufficient, this allows for short term low interest loans from the Sonoma County Treasury.


F.6. Approval of Resolution No. 2022/23-03 to Establish Temporary Inter-fund Transfers

This provides the district the ability to transfer funds to cover expenses until appropriate funds are received.


F.7. Approval of Resolution of District for Capacity of Interdistrict Transfers for Various Grades, Special Classrooms, and Special Programs.

This item is to set parameters for the transfer of out of district students for this school year. 


It seems that decisions about inter-district transfers should have already been made by this point.

F.8. Approval of Soliant/VocoVision Contract


This contract will provide a temporary virtual Speech-Language Pathologist for one semester to cover the preschool program while a current employee is on leave. $73,260 


F.9. Approval of Renaissance Learning Contract

This provides Lalilo, Renaissance Accelerated Reader, Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360 and Renaissance Star Reading to elementary and middle school students for $42,996.35

See contract for details on sites and products.


SRTA knows that many teachers appreciate having Renaissance Learning for their students.

G.1. to 3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes June 22

Minutes July 6 

Minutes July 27

The presentation on the results from the survey for the new bond measures is not attached to the minutes of July 27.

I1. Future Board Discussion Items

SRTA Members are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming agenda items.

  • Board Meetings Via Teleconference (8/24)
  • Summer Programs Report (8/10 8/24))
  • Elsie Allen High School/CCLA Update (6/22 7/27 8/10 8/24)
  • Deferred Maintenance Update and Future Planning (7/27 8/24)
  • Schools Plus Presentation (6/22 8/24)
  • Attendance Awareness Month Resolution (8/24)
  • Suicide Prevention Month Resolution (8/24)
  • COVID Safety Plan updates (8/24)
  • West County Transportation Update (7/27 9/14)

SRTA looks to the future scheduling of the following items:

  • CNS Update: End of Year (7/27 8/10)
  • Bond Update: Facilities and Technology (7/27)
  • Update on Covid Spending
  • District Data (from canceled 3/18/22 Special Meeting) 
  • Approval of Board Policies (from 3/9/22)
  • Review of Math grades and progress including demographic data
  • SCOE Unification/Redistricting Report
  • Open Enrollment Policy Update 
  • Granting a permanent easement to City of SR at MHS
  • Lease / Leaseback Montgomery High School 
  • Student Voice Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • BEST Plus Update
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