SRCS Board Meeting Agenda Analysis – 10/26/2022


Santa Rosa City Schools

October 26, 2022

4:45 p.m. – Closed Session 

6:00 p.m. – Open Session

Hybrid: Zoom / Santa Rosa City Hall Council Chambers (100 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404) Limited seating.


*** streamed ***

A live link will be posted on the SRCS website (link).

Please take time to review the following abbreviated version of the agenda. Click here to see the entire agenda. It has live links on many items with more information. If you want to comment to the board about any upcoming items, email Please CC on your comments.

Closed Session Items: 

A.1. Public Comment On Closed Session Agenda Items. To comment, email Melanie Martin at

B.1 Public Employee Appointment/Employment (Position to be filled: Principal) 

B.2 Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Title of employee being reviewed: Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Coordinators) 

B.3 Conference With Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation (Case Name: OAH 2022080150; OAH 2022080813)

B.4 Student Expulsions (Case Nos 22-23-03, 22-23-04)


C7. Special Presentations for Student of the Month and Certificated/Classified Employees of the Month for Abraham Lincoln ES and Hilliard Comstock MS

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

  • Fatima Lomeli, Student of the Month
  • Martin Cortez, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Wendy Snetsinger, Certificated Employee of the Month

Hilliard Comstock Middle School

  • Ceasar Mora, Student of the Month
  • Christy Middleton, Classified Employee of the Month
  • Donna Bianchi, Certificated Employee of the Month

SRTA members at Lincoln and Comstock are extended a special invitation to attend (in person or online) to acknowledge those being honored at your site.

C.9. Public Comment on Non Agenda Items

SRTA members are invited to raise their hands and provide voice only comments during the meeting. Please observe the standard three minute time limit (and be prepared for a last minute change to a two minute limit). Only items not on the agenda are addressed at this time. 

Comments are requested at the board meeting to bring a member’s perspective to the messages contained in this analysis and share real experiences of the impact of district policies and practices. There is an invitation for comments on specific items during each item. 

Please commit to watching or attending at least one board meeting this year, and speaking to an agenda item that impacts you or your students. Speakers are most impactful when they are well spoken, composed and reasonable.


E.1. (Action) Approval of Resolution Recognizing the Week of November 7-11 as the week of the School Psychologist

The School Psychologists who play a significant roll in the learning and success of ALL the Santa Rosa City students, most especially our exceptional students include:  Darcy Analora, Marianne Ballatore, Angela Bonner, Nancy Castillo, Kim Craven, Mina Duffy, Deanna Fontanes-Halliday, Rachael Prather, Adrianna Howarth, Emily Jacobsen, Robert Johns, Lena Bragg, Jonathan Kendall, Theresa McCormick, Matthew Park, Diane Redalia, Oriana Reis, Taryn Reynolds, Celene Rodriquez-Alfaro, Jessica Tallman, Edward Vulpe, Jennifer Magnesi, Emily Jones, and Marisa Gonzales.


Recent upgrades to salary have helped SRCS recruit additional psychologists. It is now time to review the working conditions to ensure we can retain these folks and ensure our students are getting the continuity and level of service they deserve.

E.2. (Discussion) Petaluma Health Care District: HEARTSAFE Community


This is a presentation by Petaluma Health District’s HeartSafe Community Program and Santa Rosa City School Nurses for a discussion on becoming a “Heart Safe School District” in partnership with Petaluma Health District.


Committing to improve safety conditions on our campuses is a positive shift. 

Systemically maintaining AEDs and replacing necessary supplies is a welcome upgrade to past practice. Adding additional AEDs, Epi-Pen and Narcan supplies and training staff on utilizing these seems prudent. Systemically training all seventh-graders in CPR is a good thing. 

There are no requirements for credentialed staff to update first aid and CPR training beyond initial certification when they first get their credential. Any non-coaching staff wanting this certification must arrange for and pay out of pocket. 

Per the contract in F-6 this $147,000 three contract will replace current expenses of just $11,000 per year. There was reference that this will be partially funded through RESIG, but an amount was not included.

E.3. (Discussion) Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Update


This update is limited to revising the estimated cost of the outstanding projects in the 2016 FMP to reflect current market conditions, at a cost of $74,120. There will be  a complete update to the FMP  if new bond measures are passed.


There is no argument that SRCS facilities require maintenance and upgrades. According to this report $1.3 billion of work remains for high schools and $0.6 billion for elementary schools from that identified in the 2016 FMP. 

An initial meeting of a new stakeholder committee organized but the Superintendent is scheduled to meet Tuesday. 

IOQ scores are mentioned in this report. If these are to be a transparent part of the decision making process moving forward a better definition of IOQs is required, including the formula for calculating them, as well as a weighting of how much the IOQs will impact the spending priority decisions. 

E.4-6. (Action) Updates to COVID-19 Safety Handbook, (Action) Approval of MOU between SRCS and CSEA 75 Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Status Reporting and Testing, (Action) Approval of MOU between SRCS and SRTA Regarding an Addendum to the Return to School Guideline


As part of the California Department of Public Health gradual transition from COVID-19 pandemic to endemic,  Employees, Contractors, and Volunteers in K-12 schools in the state of California are no longer be required to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status and  schools would no longer be required to verify COVID-19 vaccination status for Employees, Contractors, or Volunteers, nor mandate weekly COVID-19 testing for those who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or have chosen to not disclose their vaccination status.

CDPH and SCDHS now align with CDC in using online resourcing for up-to-date masking guidance by region. 

These three action items update the handbook and agreements with labor unions.

SRCS Employee Testing Mandate

SRCS Covid Handbook (edited)

SRCS Covid Handbook (Spanish)


SRTA MOU (8-3-22)

SRTA Addendum

Recent reporting in the Press Democrat cites an uprise of local COVID cases and warns of waves of flu and RSV. SRCS must systemically educate our students on hygiene practices and remain vigilant with efforts to maintain health and safety on campuses.

E.7. (Action) Approval of MOU between SRCS and SRTA Regarding Individual Graduation Plans (IGP) 3.0


Recent adoption of  Individual Graduation Plans (IGP) 3.0 required agreeing to compensation to High School Counselors for the extra work to implement these plans. This MOU is based on the prior IGP MOU. It is funded by the Learning Loss Mitigation Grant Fund.


SRTA encourages the approval of this MOU compensating our counselors for the extra work they are doing for our students.

E.7. (Action) Public Board Meetings Via Teleconference per AB 361


F.2. Approval of Personnel Transactions

Personnel Transactions

EdJoin shows a total of 136 current postings for 216 job vacancies for SRCS. There are 40 certificated openings (the same as the last meeting), and 3 certificated management openings (1 fewer than last meeting). There are 172 current classified openings (the same as the last meeting), and one classified management position (one more than the last meeting.) 

There is a NEW Director Position posted: Director of Information & Evaluation. The board approved the job description at the last meeting. 

SRTA welcomes Elise Benton (SRArts) and Richard Johnstone (RVMS).

It is noted that SRCS has now reached 27 notifications of staff at 1.2 FTE. These teachers are teaching on their prep. This is exhausting, and unsustainable. In other professions when someone works additional hours they are paid time and a half or double time in compensation. These teachers are paid straight time for these additional hours. 

This month changes to classified staff include eight new hires. There are no resignations and no retirements, so this month there is progress on hiring. It has been requested that SRCS update their classified postings on EdJoin to make the bonus pay more noticeable to anyone looking at postings on EdJoin.

F.5. Approval of Contracts 


1M. Elena Cabrera$10,0008 months of coaching services for director of State and Federal Program Coordinator
6TCG Administration$7,000Contract to oversee 403(b) plans for $2.00 per Participant in the 403(b) Plan per month/Approx. $7,000/year. Replaces contract with CalSTRS to work directly with prior subcontractor.
7Lucid Partnerships, Inc.$16,000Original contract for Business Services support was for 2.5 months for $42,000. This addendum is for 1 additional month at $16,000, bringing the contract to $58,000.
3Side By Side (SBS)$9,100YouThrive group workshop curriculum for 30 RVMS students as well as 2 classroom and one parent presentation. The main topics will include, but are not limited to: Bully/cyberbullying, anger management, conflict resolution, social skills, motivation and peer relationships.
4LandPaths$0Provide highly trained outdoor education staff, as well as necessary tools and materials needed to implement safe and engaging outdoor camp programs for middle school youth from up to 4 title one sites.
5Matrix HG$66,027Replaces the 5 non-functioning HVAC units that should have been included in the summer roofing and HVAC projects at SLES (1) and HSMS (4).
2Orton Gillingham International$57,547Five days of training were contracted for in June for $23,500. This contract adds an additional $57,547 for eleven more days of training, two days of coaching and eight hours of PLC sessions.

Total value of contracts = $165,674.28

Summary of Contracts


There is no evidence included of the evaluation of metrics prior to the renewal and addendums of these contracts.

F.6. Approval of Contract with Petaluma Health Care District: HEARTSAFE Community

This contract is for the services discussed in E.2.


Contract Costs

AED Costs

AEDs Add to Fleet

F.7. Approval of State Funding Consultant

The Board will consider approval of the bid proposal submitted by King Consulting to maximize state funding opportunities for our District. This contract for an estimated $30,000 will include submitting SFPs for past projects as well as new construction.



SRTA celebrates the attempt to obtain eligible funding for past and future facilities projects.

F.8. Approval of Job Description for Coordinator, Extracurricular Intervention

The Board will consider approval of the proposed job description for Coordinator, Extracurricular Intervention. This is a new temporary position fully funded by the Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant. 

Job Description

SRTA is concerned with the growth of DO Admin level positions. This item has changed from its original posting from a Director to a Coordinator.

This coordinator is in essence in charge of district physical education and athletics, which is listed on the district website as being administered by Director Alisa Haley. 

The job description calls for a BA preferably in journalism, communications, or marketing which is confusing for this position. Is this job absorbing some of the duties of site Athletic Directors or the Lead Athletic Directors? 

The emphasis in the title of this position on eligibility is confusing when there are no district systems in place for academic intervention for students, let alone student athletes. Identifying students doesn’t seem to be difficult. Creating academic support that can be offered is the issue, but that is not addressed with this position. Spending these funds on an administrator reduces the opportunities the district can use to fund actual support for students.

F.9. Approval of Proposed Job Description for Director, Extended Learning Opportunity Programs

The Board will consider approval of the proposed job description for Director of Extended Learning Opportunity Programs.

Job Description

SRTA is concerned with the growth of DO Admin level positions. 

This position will oversee the development, organization and implementation of TK-12 after school, summer school and extended learning programs including enrollment, curriculum, assessment, behavior management and staffing. 

An Admin Credential is not listed as required for this position. 

Why is this a director position, and not a coordinator position? 

This is a temporary position funded by the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program grant. At the ELO board presentation this was not mentioned. There was no intention of expanding ELOs presented at that meeting. Spending these funds on an administrator reduces the opportunities the district can fund for students.

F.10. Approval of Contract with GEMAS Consulting for English Learning Master Plan Revision

The Board will consider the approval of a contract for consulting services with GEMAS Consulting.  This contract will support the revision of the Santa Rosa City Schools English Learner Master Plan.  This plan provides a framework of instruction for Multilingual Learners to acquaint  teachers, administrators, and parents with federal, state and district policies as well as programs, resources, and staff/parent development opportunities. This costs $28,000, which will be paid with Educator Effectiveness Grant funds.



SRTA supports the implementation of a more focused and pragmatic EL Master Plan. Reviewing 2021 state data shows that SRCS EL students have a graduation rate of only 62%, with only 3% successfully completing a-g requirements. EL students also underperform on the CAASPP.  SRCS English Learner students, including those who have been redesignated are deserving of far more than SRCS has systematically offered them. Efforts to implement a plan are long overdue, and should be fast tracked.

G.1. Approval of Minutes

October 3, 2022 Minutes

October 12, 2022 Minutes

I1. Future Board Discussion Items

SRTA Members are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming agenda items.

  • Student/Staff awards & site reports:  Rincon Valley Middle School, Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School (11/9)
  • Migrant Education Report (11/9)
  • Student/Staff awards & site reports:  Monroe Elementary School, Maria Carrillo High School (12/14)
  • First Interim Budget Report (12/14)

SRTA looks to the future scheduling of the following items:

  • Feedback on Condition of Schools Survey Data (10/26/22)
  • A-G Program Review and Reconsideration (board request 8/10)
  • Deferred Maintenance Update and Future Planning (7/27 8/24)
  • Update on Covid Spending
  • District Data (from canceled 3/18/22 Special Meeting) 
  • Approval of Board Policies (from 3/9/22)
  • Review of Math grades and progress including demographic data (board request)
  • SCOE Unification/Redistricting Report
  • Open Enrollment Policy Update 
  • Granting a permanent easement to City of SR at MHS
  • Lease / Leaseback Montgomery High School 
  • Student Voice Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • BEST Plus Update

I.4. School Site Reports


To provide the Board and the community with an update on the school site’s goals, key data points and progress.

SPSA – Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

SPSA – Hilliard Comstock Middle School

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